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Luton airport parking

We know how difficult it can be when deciding where to park your car when you go on holiday. Luton airport is popular with travellers who prefer to avoid the hurly burly of close neighbours Gatwick and Heathrow.

Here at ACP, we have a wealth of car parks available including the official airport car parks, off airport facilities and of course some great Meet & Greet packages. Whatever you’re looking for were sure you will find it here.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

We only sell the official car parks at Luton airport and by pre-booking you will make a substantial saving on the airport gate price. All the official car parks offer fantastic security and superb convenience.

Long Stay - A popular choice with travellers, the Long Stay car park offers 10 minute transfers that run every 20 minutes 24 hours a day. The Long Stay is the cheapest on airport option.

Mid Stay - Basically the same as the Long Stay car park but located a little closer meaning transfers will only take 5 minutes, again transfers run 24 hours a day. Often used by business flyers.

Short Stay - You guessed it the Short Stay car park is even closer to the airport than the Long Stay and Mid Stay, in fact it’s that close you walk to the terminal.

Supersaver - The supersaver option is usually available on all on airport products, just remember these bookings can't be cancelled.

Off airport car parks

If you don't mind a longer transfer to the airport and want to save some money then consider one of the 2 off airport car parks we have available. Airpark has many extra variants including return greet and valet options and Airport Carparkz provides another great choice for parking at Luton.

Airparks - Park Mark security comes as standard as with all Airparks compounds, transfers operate 24 hours a day taking around 15 minutes. Airparks also runs return greet and meet & greet services at Luton airport. Supersaver option is usually available.

Airport Carparkz - This car park is more expensive than Airparks but for a good reason, it’s only 5 minutes from the terminal. In fact it’s actually closer than the Long Stay car park and becoming a favourite with ACP’s customers.

Meet & Greet Parking

There is huge choice of Meet & Greet options at Luton, with no less than 4 services to choose from, all offer superb security but most of all convenience. No transfers will be required as a competent member of staff parks your car for you. You'll be in the duty free shops whilst some travellers are still on the transfer bus. Meet & Greet is also really useful if you have disabled passengers in your party.

Airparks Meet & Greet - Drive straight to the airport, your car will be taken back to Airparks, leaving you free to walk to check inn and enjoy the duty free shops.

Airport Carparkz Meet & Greet - As good as any other Meet & Greet service, your car will only be 5 minutes from the airport and returned to the terminal in time for your arrival.

Priority Parking - Priority uses the short stay car park to store your car, but you can still drive straight to the terminal, while a member of staff parks then returns your car.

Stress Free - Like the name suggests, stress levels should be nice and low when using this particular service, Stress Free will park your car at their own compound which is fully secure.

Did you know?

The Gate rate at Luton airport is around £14.40 per day