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Leeds Bradford airport parking

Yorkshire's busiest airport is Leeds Bradford, we know it's important you get your parking space booked in advance, or you might get your holiday off to the wrong start by paying the costly turn up rate, or worse having nowhere to park your car. By pre-booking you don't just make some great savings you're also guaranteeing you space no matter how busy the airport gets.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

Always a popular choice with travellers, who want the simplicity of arriving at the airport, parking their car and either walking or boarding the transfer bus to the terminal. The Long Stay car park provides exactly that, transfers run every ten minutes, taking just 5 minutes to complete. When booked as a supersaver package the Long Stay is actually the cheapest car park we offer.

Supersaver - Keep your eyes peeled for these great offers, usually around 10% cheaper than the standard price. Just remember these bookings can't be cancelled or amended.

park mark All on airport products are covered by the Park Mark security award

Off airport car parks

There are 2 car parks to choose from, both offer superb security and fast transfers. The LBA car watch is the official off airport facility where transfers take just 3 minutes, security features include CCTV, perimeter fencing, regular patrols and floodlight, plus your car is parked for you.

Sentinel is another off airport choice, transfers take 5 minutes and has the Park Mark award, whichever you choose we are sure you'll be satisfied.

Did you know?

8 days Leeds Bradford airport parking at the gate rate at would cost £75