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Glasgow airport parking

Although Edinburgh is the busiest airport in Scotland, when BAA had to decide which of its Scottish airports it was going to keep, they picked Glasgow airport. We think it's a great airport and so do the 7 million customers who use it, another reason it’s so popular is the many different parking options available. Airparks provide a superb budget option while the on airport car parks offer all the convenience you would expect.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

Like all official BAA car parks you know what to expect, Park Mark security, competitive pricing but most of all fast transfers running constantly to the airport and back. If you’re looking for a simple and straight forward way of parking your car this is it.

Long Stay - The Long Stay is our closest car park to the terminal, transfers run 24 hours a day taking 3 minutes on average to complete. Leave your car safe in the knowledge it's parked in the official Glasgow airport car park

park mark As you might expect all the car parks we offer at Glasgow are Park Mark awarded

Off airport car parks

Nearly always the cheapest form of airport parking and Glasgow is no different, Airparks provides a superb service which keeps customers coming back year after year. The supersaver option is regularly available which makes it even cheaper. A slightly longer transfer is the only drawback but the incredible price more than makes up for it.

Airparks - Situated 3 miles from the airport, transfers take 10-15 minutes, like all Airparks compounds Park Mark security comes as standard.

Meet & Greet Parking

If you can't decide between on or off airport parking how about a Meet & Greet package, just drive to the airport and meet a competent driver at the airport. One of the best aspects of this service is being able to drive straight home when you leave the airport without having to transfer back to a car park.

Stress Free Meet & Greet - A chauffeur will meet you at the airport and take your car to Airparks leaving you with plenty of time to check inn and enjoy the duty free lounge.

Did you know?

The Gate rate at Glasgow airport is around £10 per day