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  • Compare 12 Gatwick parking options
  • Our prices start from £7 per day
  • Car parking options for both the North & South terminals
  • Transfers included in the price of booking
  • Park Mark awarded car parks

Gatwick airport parking

When it comes to airport parking, Gatwick is second only to Heathrow in terms of passenger numbers and is always very busy. Here at we understand it can be quite daunting trying to organise your holiday, so we have made booking your Gatwick parking as easy as possible.

All our car parks have top notch security with many being Park Mark awarded. This means the car park has passed certain security requirements and has been vetted by the police giving you total peace of mind.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

On airport car parks, as the name suggests are located on Gatwick and some car parks are that close to the terminal you can walk to check inn, while others will still require a short transfer by buses that run on a constant loop.

Long Stay North – is the official Gatwick car park. With transfer busses running 24 hours a day every 10 minutes taking 5 minutes to get to the terminal. Park Mark security comes as standard.

Long Stay South - Basically a mirror of the Long Stay North car park, the Long Stay South has all the same security benefits, with transfers taking around 4 minutes. However there is also a Long Stay Plus service at the South Terminal which is even closer to the terminal. You could literally walk to check inn.

Summer Special Car Park (North)- Only available at the North terminal, the summer special car park is just a 7 minute transfer from the terminal. Transfers run every 20 minutes.

Off airport car parks

Nearly always the cheapest form of parking at Gatwick airport, drive straight to the car park, then board a transfer bus to the airport, where you will be dropped off outside the terminal. We only sell one off airport car park at Gatwick but put simply we think it’s the best.

Airparks- A truly great car park at a great price, this Park Mark awarded car park will have you at the airport in 15 minutes max, which is a small price to pay when you see how much you will be saving. The most popular car park at Gatwick!!

Meet & Greet Parking

Meet & Greet is the most convenient form of Gatwick airport parking but the most expensive. The beauty of this is you can park right outside the terminal, whilst a chauffeur parks your car for you; this is also a great product if you have passengers who can’t walk very far or lots of luggage.

Airparks Meet & Greet - If you think Airparks is a great car park, the only way you could make it better is not having the transfer right? Well that's what this package does; drive straight to the airport and a member of staff will take your car back to Airparks and meet you on your return.

Maple Manor Meet & Greet- Available for both the North and South terminals, Maple Manor have no less than 6 secure compounds, ensuring your car is safe and you get through check inn in the quickest time possible.

Official Valet Parking - The Official Valet car parks are as the name suggests operated by the airport, giving you top level security, your car will be stored in one of the official long stay car parks, both the North & South terminals available.

Supersaver Option?

The supersaver option is sometimes available on products, the price will be discounted considerably, however bookings made at this low price cannot be cancelled or amended so please double check your dates before booking.

Did you know?

The Gate rate at Gatwick airport is around £12 per day